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It's power level - it's over 9000! Supercharge your pet with the power of a Saiyan. Our anime dog and cat clothing are perfect for pet owners who want to dress up their furry companions as their favorite characters. The clothing is made of soft, cozy, toxic-free polyester and is made in the cleanest conditions - so your pets can run and take afternoon naps comfortably and safely.


  • Long-lasting, high quality designs you and your pets can enjoy.
  • Unique designs you won’t find anywhere else - perfect for die-hard anime fans!
  • Picture perfect. Share a stand-out post featuring your pet wearing the capes on social media. Everyone will love it!
  • Toxic-free fabric and made in squeaky clean conditions. Your pets are in good hands!
  • Easy to clean - simply wash by hand and lay flat to dry.

Goku Sleeveless Shirt

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